British High Tea

This popular menu comes with a selection of individually packaged teas, black and herbal varieties. Service arrives in 3 tiered server stands and baskets for the scones, unless otherwise discussed. This service is best displayed buffet style, whether on one main table for guests to rise and serve themselves, or in the center of each table. As all our menus, selections below can be changed and modifies as per you and your guests' needs.



Tea Sandwiches (choose up to 3 of the following)











Mandarin Salad

A harvest style blend of craisins, slivered almonds, mandarin oranges, & gorgonzola, tossed with a homemade raspberry vinaigrette over mixed greens



Homemade Scones

Crumbly and buttery, featuring classic butter, dried apricot, and chocolate chip (seasonal flavors available upon request) served with cream & jam



Mini Desserts

A selection of one or two bite desserts including mini eclairs, lemon tartlets, shortbread cookies, and mini chocolate cupcakes.

Thinly sliced on white

Tossed with greek yogurt & dijon, on whole wheat

Sundried tomato, romaine, bacon, on sourdough

Smoked salmon, boursin cheese, fresh dill on pumpernickel

Pea puree, parmesan cheese, on herb focaccia

Sliced ham, roasted pear, gruyere cheese on whole wheat

Thinly sliced carrot, zucchini, & classic hummus

Fig preserves, creamy brie cheese, on sourdough

Cucumber & white cheddar

Tarragon chicken salad


Salmon & Boursin

Pea Prosciutto

Ham Pear

Carrot Hummus

Brie & Fig