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How to Boil Water:  Kitchen Basics

If your idea of cooking is opening a frozen TV dinner and pressing the appropriate setting on the microwave, then this is the class for you. Start with the very basics, including boiling water for pasta or rice, chopping vegetables, and basic knife handling techniques.  Recipes covered in this class include Spaghetti Marinara, Mushroom Truffle Risotto, and Roasted Seasonal Vegetables.


Class Length:  3 Hours

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Weeknight Dinners

Its a constant struggle to get dinner on the table every night. Learn how you can get inspired by ingredients and cook without recipes for a much easier day to day cooking guide. Follow your palate and learn how to taste with a variety of flavors that we will sample at this class. Class topics are based on available and seasonal ingredients, so every time you attend this class, subjects may vary!


Class Length:  1.5 Hours

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French Eating & Living

Its not always about what you eat, but how you eat it. We will learn some of the best techniques and tips for adopting the French lifestyle including eating big lunches and small dinners, embracing family meal times, and indulging in little joys for a happier life. You'll learn how to make hearty soups and salads you never thought to make for a satisfying and healthy meal, such as the classic Nicoise salad and featured ebook soup: Butternut Squash & Sage soup!


Class Length:  2 Hours

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"... no one is born a great cook.  One learns by doing."

~ Julia Child, My Life in France