6 Crucial Catering Questions You Need to Plan

While your caterer had the food and perhaps some beverages set and ready, that doesn't mean the party planning stops there. Give yourself ample time to plan as many details as you can, in addition to the basic questions we need to know.



1.  Budget!

     Make sure you have a goal in mind for spending and be realistic. Ask your caterer about fees and hidden costs that you have not yet considered.



2.  Secure your location

     If you are not having your party at your home, be sure to secure your venue. These locations fill up quickly and you don't want any surprises.



3.  Confirm and plan your event date

     Your event date is important to consider if you are looking to book around holidays. While some locations may offer a discount for booking on Friday, the 13th, realize your turnout may be slim if you plan your housewarming party on Labor Day.



4.  Set clear cut start and end times

     If you don't want to be up all night, keep timing clear to your guests. Plan times to serve food and have your caterer clean up to show your guests it may be time to leave. Organize a "thanks for coming!" service, where your caterer hands out paper coffee cups or hot chocolate with a tag that invites guests, in a super nice way, to get out!



5.  Thirsty anyone?

     Water, soda, juice, spirits, coffee, tea.  Not all caterers can handle alcohol service, but they can provide pairing suggestions. Decide what beverages your caterer can handle and what you will take care of.



6.  Consider renting china, silver, and glassware

     Rentals can be a life saver at the end of a party. Consider making room in your budget for items that you don't need to wash at the end of the party. Your caterer and servers can organize the dirty dishes so that you don't get charged a cleaning fee, especially since rental companies are required to wash the dishes upon return anyway.




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